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Guangzhou Tower / Canton Tower
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Guangzhou Tower is the tallest in China and the third highest tower. Guangzhou tower has five big functions.

    Guangzhou tower is the new landmark of Guangzhou. It is a further eight sites of Guangzhou. It is designed by Dutch Barbara couples. It started in 2005 and completed in 2010,.It is the tallest in China and the third highest tower.

    It is composed of 24 root steel pillar, 46, ring beam and brace 135 degrees counterclockwise, formed in the middle of a slim waist.

    Guangzhou tower has five big functions.

    A zone is A climb tower hall on the second floor, the third floor of the banquet hall and multifunctional conference rooms, suitable for parties and A big meeting, there is an outdoor observation deck on the second floor, there are tens of thousands of square meters, is the best place to watch the Guangzhou tower body structure.

    B area is 3 d and 4 d cinema, the cinema is one of the world's highest air.

Between C and D area is spider-man road, it is the world's longest spiral aerial ladder, there are 1096 steps, about one km, and one of the most exciting is that each level has three pieces of transparent glass, standing in the above will be very unforgettable,

    103 to 106 layer is the dining room, there are two of the world's highest revolving restaurant, their food is very fresh, is directly airlifted by foreign, is quite rare.

    107 and 108 is our Baiyun and star tourist sightseeing hall, 107 layer there are a lot of 3 d HuaGong tourists to watch and take pictures, and the world's highest altitude post office, two hall has a glass hung up, it is a platform around the glass is completely made, very exciting 450 meters is the cloud recreation areas.  It has to jump off a building machine.  It is dangerous to obtain the highest in the world tour of the juiciness title, there are two modes, one is sitting upright, one kind is standing type, very breathtaking, and the ferrous wheel.  It is also the highest lateral ferries wheel in the world, completely transparent ball tank around ganglion tower rotate 360 degrees, and one of the world's tallest outdoor photography observation platform, 488 meters photography observation platform, very suitable for photography enthusiasts.